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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Family Law Mediation Questions:

A Grounded and Creative Approach to Relationship Transitions

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Our Brains Become Hard Wired for Conflict - Some Things We Can Do About It

If we can be aware of how anger and rage wears grooves into the neural architecture of our brains, a freedom from the 'tyranny of the mind' becomes a real possibility. Especially in divorce and relationship transitions.

  • There Are Really Good Reasons for Mediating Your Dissolution. Who Can Afford Not To?

Economic reasons are just the beginning of why a mindful divorce or partnership dissolution will benefit you.

  • The Power of Forgiveness in Divorce and Partnership Dissolution

Mediating divorce and partnership dissolution with a willingness to consider forgiveness will empower you.

  • Why a Mediated Resolution to Your Relationship Transition Will Benefit Those Whom You Love

Mediation supports mindfulness. Mindfulness invites you to end the suffering of divorce and partnership dissolution for everyone you know, and the most important people - your children.

  • What is the Value of Crisis Intervention Skills in Mediation?

It is essential that Mediators help evaluate alternatives in dealing with the problem of relationship transition as it is experienced by our clients, and in order to accomplish this, mediators need to actively listen and respond to these feelings rather than focusing merely upon the facts.

  • How Meditation is an Adjunct to Mediation in Relationship Transition

This is offered for clients who wish to start relieving some of their energetic distress over their family law circumstances. It is an excellent pointer on a helpful attitude and approach to meditation in the face of an inevitably "busy mind".

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