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Therapeutic Custody Co-Mediation

With "therapeutic custody co-mediation" we offer a structured, creative approach to custody disputes that is aimed at supporting parental custody and visitation schedules and interactions in ways that not only don't damage children, but nurture them according to their needs. Often this is a matter of modifying communication and conditioned behaviors between parents and in front of kids.

Therapeutic Co-Mediation offers a cost effective and potentially enduring alternate solution for enmeshed parents. Co-Mediation offers a safe and structured environment in which parents can be educated and guided to an understanding of the roots of their conflict and its effects upon children. Unlike parent coordinator and special master situations, the parents remain in charge of their lives but a new level of participation and decision-making is fostered.

Therapeutic Co-Mediation has many advantages. It is a child focused form of mediation that takes into account children's developmental stages and needs. At the same time, since parenting conflicts are often about power and money the sessions address financial issues on a parallel track to the custody issues.

The strength for Therapeutic Co-Mediation lies in its interdisciplinary approach. Most family and partner mediation involves a combination of relational and legal components. This interdisciplinary team approach has been used extensively in other countries.

If this sounds as if it would make sense for your family, we have like-minded professionals with whom we can team up.

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